What is a Symbala? The Symbala World of Lahrinda Eileen Lahrinda's Personal Symbala


October 1st, 2009

Impossibilities only define the boundaries of our reality paradigms.

Change begins with a shift in perception.

What we can perceive; we can believe.

Then, again, what we passionately believe we perceive.

One afternoon in September of 1993, I woke up. A moment of epiphany showed me what I had been hungering for my whole life – a sense of purpose! The impact was immediate and physical as well as emotional. I felt a visceral shift and a deep sense of knowing that I trusted completely. What I saw which began my journey of purpose was a mandala of self.

My educational background was mostly in the sciences, not at all in art. As I taught myself to draw on the computer in a professional drawing program, my fascination with the philosophy of number and the geometry of the Golden Proportion grew in tandem. The mandalas evolved through a series of forms as I learned and grew until four years later I was ready to begin drawing the current form, which I named, Symbalas, to embrace the foundation of symbol and mandala that inspired them.

Symbalas reflect the cosmic dance of rainbow energies, which is what we are. Each so rare and so beautiful! Seeing ourselves in this way – free from critical evaluation, comparison and judgment – is a great gift. I began by creating Personal Symbalas for individuals, but soon expanded into using the same process for concepts and energy systems (like the chakras, zodiac signs, elements, etc.). I recognized that I had become a conduit for universal loving messages.

Looking back I realize the Symbalas reflect my fusion of science and spirit. They communicate a wave-geometry of self-awareness. They present a vibrational catalyst for shifting perceptions which empower through the voice of symmetry, beauty and resonance.

The artist’s path has become the loom upon which I weave the threads of my intention, abilities and spiritual evolution. Following my passion brings many gifts: the joy of constant discovery, personal attunement, sharing these possibilities with others and the continually expanding awareness of being one with the universal creative flow.

I live in La Conner, Washington in a tranquil environment which supports my work, surrounded by my favorite things: classical music, a movie collection, fantasy books and a rebounder. I’m on Facebook now, too – so¬†Facebook me!

In Loving Resonance,