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Renewal Symbala

Renewal Symbala
Original Renewal Symbala
Standard Size
(8.5" x 11")
$125.00 ea.

Renewal Personal Symbala - Available only to previous Personal Symbala purchasers. An unknown error occurred:
Database file could not be found or opened

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Standard Format - 8.5 x 11", signed, dated, matted and shrinkwrapped (finished size, 11 x 14").

Personal Symbala Dialogue (Optional)
Dialogue may be ordered at a later time if you prefer.
Not interested at this time.
30 Minutes (No Recording) - $30.00
60 Minutes & Recording - $60.00

You will be contacted by Peggy Smith about an appropriate time to set up your dialogue.

Please fill in the appropriate birth information in the form provided below. You will be asked to provide the exact birth time. It is helpful, but not required for the Symbala.


 Birth Date: (MM/DD/YYYY)

 Birth Time: (Exact birth time is helpful, but not required)

Birth Place: (City, State, Country)

Please note: Personal Symbalas are Original art and have to be drawn, proofed, printed and prepared for shipment. Please allow from 3-6 weeks for delivery.

All prices include shipping and handling in the USA.