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Yoshihiko Ito

Yoshihiko Ito's Symbala


"When I saw my new Symbala, I thought about Pokemon's evolution. The new one seems more sophisticated and it reminded me of the hard work I have done since the old Symbala.

"I released so many past experiences and negative memories out of myself. I am really ready to deal with every event in my life in a positive way. Things we do not want happen whatever we do and I am really ready to deal with them. Lahrinda's work for my new Symbala shows me I am on the right path and I have done so much work for myself.

"I always used yellow when I was a child. I thought that was my color, but as time went by, I did not use the color at all. The new Symbala was full of yellow and I had bought a light yellow T shirt lately. There is no accident. I am full of gratitude to Lahrinda for delivering this Symbala. I am sure this is the best timing to receive this."

Yoshihiko Ito

[Yoshy has been the exclusive representative and promoter of my work in Japan since March of 2007. He is tireless and effective in that work and even succeeded in getting my Chakra Symbalas printed as part of a recently published book in Japan. First time any Symbalas have been in a book!   With Loving Appreciation, Lahrinda]

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