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Steven Forrest

Steven Forrest's Symbala


This Symbala was created for Steven Forrest, an internationally famous astrologer and author. Reading his book, The Inner Sky was a real turning point in my life, opening new possibilities for personal growth.

This is the third Symbala or second Renewal I've created for Steven. Many years have passed since I last connected with Steven's energies and the changes were huge, reflecting his shifts and mine, both personal and as an artist.

Steven's birthdate is January 6, 1949, making his birth number a 3. The geometric resonance of 3's is very active, sort of a creative overdrive! That certainly fits Steven. But here are Steven's own words about it.

"I have made my life and my living translating astrological symbolism into the English language. How bracing to see how readily Lahrinda can translate the same symbolism into the medium of abstract graphic art. Her Symbalas are lovely, which is reason enough to celebrate their existence. But they are more than that. They resonate with the heart. I've seen people without any clues except the Symbalas themselves pick out which ones represented which of their friends without any hesitation. It's quite uncanny. Something very real is happening here in the right brain hemisphere, the unconscious mind, the soul." Steven Forrest

Steven designates himself as: Astrological Counselor, Teacher and Writer. Desert Rat. Cat Slave. Guitar player.

Artist's note: Return visitors may have noticed that this is a new Symbala for Steven. A Symbala is created during a window of energy connection and while the foundation birth elements remain the same the person evolves. The same is true for me as the channeler and artist. Therefore, I do regular Personal Symbala updates for myself, family, friends and interested clients, called 'Renewals'.   Lahrinda

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