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Renata Dunkle

Renata Dunkle's Symbala


"My new Symbala left me speechless. I named it "birth to earth". Then I had to look up the meaning of the platonic solids. Well now. This Symbala for my 56th birthday is a visual validation of my internal process, always spinning a new story toward the greater glory and joy. Very cool!"

Thank you, Lahrinda

Renata Dunkle, MS, LMP
Self-Care = Self Healing
Let Renata tell you about her store.

Renata is a holistic practitioner trained and licensed in Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Lifestyle Counseling and Vibrational Healing. Through group and private sessions she assists in building awareness of your Body-Mind-Spirit connection, so you can learn to care for your whole-self.

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