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Peggy Smith

Peggy Smith's Symbala


"I was so delighted when I received my Symbala Renewal this year. As I opened my senses to its color, form and frivolity, it felt like the gateway; a whimsical window into a looking-glass wonderland of Peggy Possibilities. It just makes me smile and want to blow bubbles. But these words blew past my mind and I captured them instead.

Let me take your hand, come with me.
Open your heart and you will see…
Circles within circles spinning ‘round
I’m dancing to music that makes no sound

Temples of light with radiant green
Sacred scripts, insights unseen
I am beauty within, I am beauty above
Splendor surrounds me, my soul fills with love.

"And I just keep on smiling and my heart dances each time I visit the magic of Lahrinda's creative genius.

"Thank You, Lahrinda"

Peggy Smith
Certified Vibrational Medicine Practitioner and Motivational Counselor

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