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Gemma Deneen Peckinpah

DeneenPeckinpah's Symbala


"I love my Symbala renewal....it's so indicative of the direction of my life and energy now.

"This Symbala has had a profound effect on me. It's the first one I've actually worked with in this way. I'm having past life memories and getting clarity about why I have been in so much denial about the possibility of having wealth that I haven't even allowed myself to have fantasies of such opulence.

"Also, it is so very feminine...soft and gorgeous. It's a constant reminder of my intention to allow more femininity in my appearance and to pamper myself with beautiful clothes and occasional spa days. (Something I've never given myself, no matter how much money I may have had.)

"One of my first responses when I saw the image was that it's like a fairy tale energy and, maybe a nudge to begin writing fairy tales again.

"All in all, quite a treasure! Thank you so much for being the tuned-in artist you are and for sharing that with us through your Symbalas."

Blessings, Gemma

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