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Cyndi Dale

Cyndi Dale's Symbala


"I GOT THE SYMBALA TODAY! I am in shock -- how lovely, apt, fitting -- I really do recognize myself and my energy in it. I can't believe how awesome you are, as is your work.

"This Symbala easily and strikingly represents my inner soul. I think that lack of self-awareness is one of the biggest problems on this planet, and the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others. To look at this illustration of myself calms, enthuses, and excites, and has helped me open spiritual gifts I didn't know were present. I can only thank her for sharing her gift with me -- and the world!"

All Blessings
Cyndi Dale
The Four Pathways Approach: A New Paradigm for Healing

[To see how Cyndi's work has inspired mine, go to the Print Gallery and contemplate the sub-gallery called 'Elemental Resonance' and the one called '12 Activation Chakras'.   Lahrinda]

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