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Crystal Stone

Crystal Stone's Symbala


"In the eighteen years since the inception of Lahrinda's first mandala creations, she has evolved the original concept based on astrology to include sacred geometry, number power, color radiance and the blend of all by a spirit-consciousness. They are now called Symbalas and have an empowering effect on one's energy consciousness. Whether they are named, or created specifically for a person, the resonance has the ability to change and transform. Thank you, Lahrinda, for your continued persistence in developing a tool as beautiful as a snowflake and as limitless as the sacred forms."

Crystal Stone

Owner of the Crystal Voyage
A matrix for mind & imagination
2601 East D St., #201
Tacoma, WA 98421
(253) 272-4367

"A week or so ago I found a piece of paper upon which I had written(scribbled in the darktime) a message I had received during the night. It has taken me a week or so to transcribe the first word, which turned out to be, 'Lahrinda'! The message was: 'Lahrinda's art has opened a portal to my soul. Art is a key.'" Crystal

[I had not seen Crystal for months, but when I did, she gave me the above message. This was March 3, 2010, a few days after she finally deciphered the message that awakened her. Thank you, dear heart, Lahrinda]

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