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Allan Harris

Allan Harris' Symbala


“When I first saw my Symbala I didn’t like it, so I knew it was REALLY important. But after a few minutes I was blown away by it. The heart of the Symbala is like a nuclear fusion blast that has the ability to power all my creativity.

“At the core are also tiny hearts which expand to larger hearts on the outside perimeter of 12 spokes. So, it reminds me that at the very core of creativity, everything starts with love, and ends up (at the perimeter where it manifests) containing that love, so it can nourish other people.

“I am a writer/editor and I also compose/arrange and produce music. So the Symbala reminded me to always start at the inner core of every project by first tuning into the reason someone wants me to do something for them. Because usually they have a love for what they do. And when I tune into that love; then everything flows naturally.”

Allan Harris

(Allan is a longtime friend and was the writing force behind the Symbala Manual.  Lahrinda)

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