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Existence Is Vibration.

A Symbala Water Imprint vibrates an uplifting, energizing message both verbally and visually to your physical body and the energies that surround you.

Dr. Masaru Emoto's research and photographs of water's crystalline structure reveal how words and intent have an impact on water in all its forms. This is demonstrated in his ground-breaking book, The Hidden Messages in Water. Since the average person is over 70% water, words and intent can profoundly affect us! The Water Imprints go further by amplifying the uplifting energy through the color, symmetry and Golden Proportion Geometry of a Symbala. An attuning intent went into the Symbala Imprints as they came forward in the creative process and as they are now being presented to you.

There are 3 sets of Symbala Water Imprints and each set contains 8 Imprints. Each set is priced at $15.00. Symbala Water Imprints offer you a way to program your focused attention and intention co-creatively, enhancing your well-being on all levels.

Symbala Water Imprints measure a little over 2 3/4 x 3 1/2" and are printed on waterproof paper using specially formulated inks which bring forward their multi-dimensional energies. They are durable, versatile and perfect for use under and around your water glass, bottle, etc. For continuous connection with the Imprint energy, simply slip one or more in a pocket of your clothing turned toward you.

Symbala Water Imprints are also available individually in the other two standard Symbala print forms (8 1/2 x 11" and 5 x 7" art prints), but these are NOT waterproof.

What is in your Emergency 'Energy' First Aid Kit?

Bring the Symbala Water Imprints into the exciting realm of active use with insights and suggestions from Peggy Smith, Certified Vibrational Medicine Practitioner. The author of 'Soul Rhythms in Light' shares more in-depth perspective about the Symbala Water Imprints.

This is being offered as a FREE downloadable, printable PDF file. Keep it handy!

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Before and After Photos

Click here to see a startling set of aura photos which illustrate the energy impact of a Symbala Water Imprint.

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Personal Symbalas Print Gallery Symbala Water Imprints Life Path Symbalas