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The Way In

The Way In

October of 2017 brings a big change into my life. The is the second move in less than a year to a city I'm mostly unfamiliar with. Tiring, chaotic times, but I find eagerness for new possibilities also. During the 10 days after I moved in, when I was patiently waiting for a new provider to connect my internet and between settling and resting, I had time to contemplate my life, my plans and new vistas. It was a great time to focus on the creative flow and I used the time to dream Symbala dreams! Now that I have connection again, Iím eager to share one of the results both as a Symbala and some new awareness. This Symbala has a 7 base of the seeker and is full of the life force. There is a sense of rushing inward to find that place where we can connect, create and just BE. Iíve named it, ĎThe Way Iní, and I wish you peace in its contemplation.

With Warm, Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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