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Summoning Life Force

Summoning Life Force

‘No man is an island’ is true on so many levels, even for those of us who don’t listen to the news in our comfortable caves. Hiding is not possible when you understand that all things are interconnected. So how can we be of help when the world rocks and we feel the ground shake? Knowing that everything I create has impact and connection, I do and feel the things that keep me in balance, creative, healthy and happy. I appreciate each moment and ...

“As you conclude a new desire, you summon Life Force forward into this leading edge experience. And whether you are allowing it to flow through you or not, All-That-Is benefits from that.” ~ Abraham

I am looking forward to a New Year that will be stimulating, abundant and full of new opportunities to enjoy life! Really? Yes, I feel that happy! Join me and here is a new Symbala focusing tool to support you in your life creations.

With Warm, Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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