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...12/21/2012 - Shift...

...12/21/2012 - Shift... Symbala

The galactic alignment shift is a widely discussed and debated topic in many circles, not just the metaphysical ones. I was guided to channel a Symbala about it to give people a focal point that would be both catalyst and balancing tool.

I also wanted to share some perspectives on the topic that I resonate with. Here’s Kryon’s view, as channeled by Lee Carroll.

“Here's my stance on all of this: This Galactic alignment is coming. It has always been coming, and the ancients spoke of it. Far before the time of Nostradamus, many cultures wrote about it. The Egyptians knew it, and even aligned their pyramids to the stars. Among others who we know about who were aware of it, were the Hopi, Aztecs, Toltecs, Druids, and Incas. The Mayans developed their calendar without Nostradamus' help, and ended it on Dec 21, 2012 (right before 2013). So the Galactic alignment is real, and almost all the cultures who wrote about it predicted great shift. By the way, ‘great shift’ now is being interpreted as ‘the end.’ “The big news is that we are slowly changing the very fabric of what you and I thought was unchangeable. We are pruning our economy away from greed to make it stronger. We have elected a man that could never be elected by those of our parents' time. These are the true signs of the time. We are the wild card. “It's just like the Millennium, folks. When 2012 comes and goes, we can move on to the next realization: We changed it all and got through some shifts. We are still here, changing the consciousness of the planet in ways that will eventually make almost every doom prediction from every prophet seem like something that will always belong on a tabloid cover, and not anything really believable again.”
My favorite is this brief quote from author, Gregg Braden.
“If we are honest, truthful, considerate, caring and compassionate, if we live this each day, we have already prepared for whatever could possibly come on 2012 or any other day, any other year, any time in our future.”

This Symbala will give you a focusing lens with the frequency of the Golden Proportion for guiding your visualizations and meditations. Working with this energy may attract an outcome of pleasure and happiness for your paradigm shifts.

While I was creating it, I felt and saw a breaking up of old, stuck energy patterns and the encouraging spiral of new ones – from a DNA cellular level to a global level. The Symbala reflects these patterns spiraling into the center of a new dodecahedral paradigm. It will be what we create it to be. Patterns rooted in fear feed the feelings of cataclysm and ending. However, since all patterns are rooted in the Law of Attraction, feelings and visualizations of beauty, harmony and peace will fuel the materialization of a Golden Age.

The creation of this Symbala demanded format changes from me (breaking up patterns, indeed) for the energy of its presentation, the rounded corners and longer proportion. The guidance was to blend a feeling of rounded, gentle processing to balance the sharper, angular restructuring formations. The 3 dots before and after the title are also an encouragement to see the shifts as organic and gradual.

Sammi Loves 'Shift'

Sammi with Shift Symbala

This is Sammi, a very enlightened Cockatiel. Sammi shares her home with Mary Carter who is training in animal communication and animal shamanic healing. Sammi took such an unusual interest in the Shift Symbala that Mary shared some pictures and comments with me, which I decided to share with you. Sammi is already a star in the Symbala world if you check out the 'Featured Symbala of the Month' for March, 2009. Mary said:

"...she sure likes that Symbala. She usually flies away when I put something near her. Even a new toy in her cage gets her crazy and it's days until she goes near it...I just held Shift up to Sammi and she talks to it in a sound she never uses. She scans the whole image and butts her beak up on it. She studies the whole thing. She stayed with it so long I got tired of holding it for her. It's really amazing. The golden orange color is the same as on her face... Sammi just flew over to the couch and is looking at Shift again. She wants to enter it."

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