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Artist's Introduction

There was an inevitability about this series. I didn't plan it. It just began signaling its presence with clear, unmistakable symbolic hints. For example, there was the morning a visiting friend woke me up at 6:30 to show me a rainbow that had emerged with the Seattle sunrise. I had seen all kinds of rainbows at all different times, but never one with a sunrise. It had a lot of impact, which is what symbols are for if we're paying attention. So the voice of the rainbow energy began singing to me.

The chakra system contains a rainbow template of seven colored wheels of spinning energy. This series directly reflects the nature and intent of my Symbala work. After all, chakras are energy mandalas. They are the interface points in the body between physical and nonphysical form. Frequency conduits of rainbow light, they are transformer channels for the cosmic blueprints.

Be open to the clarifying, realigning energy that can come as you view the visual music of the "Rainbow Chakras" with their companion songs. See with the inner eyes and hear the singing of the light!

With Loving Resonance,


Update Notice

The 12 Chakra system, called the Activation Chakras, is an update both in scope and in the evolution of my spiritual/artistic path. However, many people prefer and are familiar with a 7 Chakra perspective. So I am now offering a new Rainbow Chakras, all in one Symbala. It gives the newer Chakra creations in a 7 Chakra presentation. I love it! Lahrinda

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First Chakra

Second Chakra

Third Chakra

Fourth Chakra

Fifth Chakra

Sixth Chakra

Seventh Chakra

All 7 Chakras

All 7 Chakras


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