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Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

As Iíve gotten older, sometimes I find myself looking at my life and feeling a sense of smallness or drabness even.† I have inner peace and I donít focus on the outer chaos, but still, something is missing.† I feel like Iím sitting in a room with plain walls; then I realize (stoked by this Symbala) that I have hardly allowed myself to dream any more and suddenly the walls come alive with visions, dreams and possibilities!† I realize I am on the brink of a new age, a new density, a whole new existence!!!† Dreaming takes vision and courage.† You must see beyond your current situation, or your age or any other limiting status that turns into the Ďempty roomí feeling.

Fortunately for me, when this empty feeling comes sneaking in, I turn to my art.† It transports me way beyond the plain room to the realms of higher resonance, sacred geometry, color and the life force of creativity (3) and dreams!† So, donít forget:† DARE TO DREAM!

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda


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