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Bloom of Creating

Bloom of Creating

Where I live in the Northwest, we have had a very cool, cloudy and rainy Spring. Some days, even though Im used to it, having grown up in Western Oregon and Washington, I find my spirits sagging. When this happens, I recall something I read from Abraham:

You didn't come for the creaTION, you came for the creaTING!... Abraham-Hicks
Then I remember that we are all creators, gifted with the divine spark of imagination and I get busy doing what I love. Any time we exercise our skills as unique creators we are participating in the flow of why we came forth. Whether we are deepening our bond with a child or a pet; planting a garden for beauty or future deliciousness; planning a party; making someone smile with a joke; dancing, singing, painting or me drawing a Symbala, we feel a bloom of energy reminding self we are the CREATORS! This is how we make our world better with love and joy, pebble in the pond, raising the frequencies minute by minute.

So pull that energy through and thrill to the: 'Bloom of Creating'!

With Loving, Blooming Resonance, Lahrinda

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