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Symbala of the Month: September 2020

Everflowing Abundance 2

Everflowing Abundance 2 Symbala

In these times many people may get caught up in a sense of ‘lack’; which may lead to depression, fear and anger. Since we create what we focus our attention on, here’s an alternative suggestion. Why not focus on the awareness that abundance is the unifying principle of nature, the Earth and the divine cosmos? Focusing on this principle will help shift us away from lower vibrations of financial and other challenges.

As I drew this Symbala, I was so aware of the feeling of ‘abundance’! It kept unfolding like a flower, rooted in the manifesting energy of the number ‘8’ and wasn’t finished until it was embraced by its symbol, infinity! True abundance is infinite and connects us, bubbling out from the heart/mind.

This is the second Symbala bearing the same name. In case you are wondering, the original one appears in Part One of the Symbala Water Imprints, which I drew years ago. I know now is the time to expand on the magic of this principle. It is time – enjoy!

Symbalas are focusing tools, so use this for your contemplative pleasure!

With Abundant Resonance,