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Symbala of the Month: January 2020


There are many shifts happening now as we and the world evolves. I canít think of a better time to share this Symbala that came through as things were really getting Ďstirred upí. I loved the Symbala, but questioned the name when I finished it. Now I realize itís what is needed.

'Enlighten' is an action verb. The action is to bring LIGHT/clarity to understand what is seen, felt or experienced. In this age of information, one thing is clear amid the chaos of yelling in the world; we must each bring our light for a truth that resonates within Ė not what is being yelled the loudest.

Itís time to 'ENLIGHTEN' ourselves as we evolve with the increasing frequencies of the cosmos. Expand on a feeling!

With Warm, Loving Resonance,