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Symbala of the Month: February 2019

Conscious Conduit of Life Eternal

Conscious Conduit Symbala

Some times the inspiration for a Symbala comes from something so close to me that I take it for granted. One morning as I was bouncing on my Rebounder and saying my attunement mantra, I was suddenly jolted with the importance of what I was saying! I had been saying this for years, but had never really focused attention on this certain part, which is a quotation from Juliet Carter, co-founder of The Template. “I AM the Conscious Conduit of Life Eternal!”

It had become part of who I am, but I needed to explore its meaning vibrationally, which, for me, means drawing a Symbala. During the drawing process I was feeling the words and seeing a swirling vortex, a conduit of connection for the fluidity of Source. This is what we are and the more conscious of it we become, the more awakened we are to being conduits of the eternal flow. When I finished, I was stunned. This was a Symbala filled with heart and love. ‘Conscious Conduit’ focuses energetically through the ‘6’ geometry, which is the fusion of male/female energy (the star tetrahedron) in the heart.

With Warm, Loving Resonance,