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Symbala of the Month: July 2017

Networking With Love

Networking Symbala

The word ‘networking’ came to me right after I completed this Symbala and especially after I printed it and held it in my hands. These days it’s a popular word used in many different arenas. Getting down to the essence of the word reveals two important factors: a cohesive linking for the purpose of some type of sharing or manifestation.

The starry net appearing in this Symbala comes from a base of ‘6’ geometry with the star tetrahedron. This network is rooted in love with the symmetrical joining of the feminine/magnetic downward pointing triangle with the masculine/electric upward pointing triangle. The net formed by this joining streams out to produce starry children and on and on. . . For me, when you combine the elements of co-creation, common purpose and loving connection, you have a network of high vibration capable of surprising manifestations. May you feel the love and purposeful cohesion of 'Networking'.

With Warm, Loving Resonance,