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Symbala of the Month: December 2010

A Christmas Flower

A Christmas Flower

I have always loved Poinsettias. They celebrate the season with the powerful color complement of red and green. Realizing that I had only one other seasonally dedicated Symbala, Jubilation, from 2009, it was definitely time to bring through more Symbala good cheer with the Poinsettia as my inspiration.

A Christmas Flower can be found in the Print Gallery in 'Special Interest Symbalas'. Prints are available in the Symbala Store.

Of special note, this Symbala is wonderfully presented in my Zazzle Store as both a holiday greeting card and a beautiful Christmas ornament to hang on a tree, in a window or around your neck as a medallion. When you click on this Zazzle link, look in the product categories to the right under 'Holiday Cards' and 'Hanging Ornaments'.

With Good Cheer and Loving Resonance,