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Symbala of the Month: October 2009

Arlene Arnold

Arlene Arnold's Symbala

"This is the seventh Personal Symbala (or sixth Renewal) Lahrinda has done for me. Each of my Personal Symbalas has played an important part in my spiritual journey.

"The most recent one was quite different from the others. I see four portals that lead to the centerólike a game board of transformation. Between each of these portals is a temple of rejuvenation. I purchased special stones for game pieces.

"Intuitively I picked the first portal. As I place my game piece at the entrance, I felt the gathering energy for my next step. I canít tell you in words what each of those portals represents, but I can feel the energy. As I enter the portal through placing my game piece at the opening, my intention is to move forward in alignment with my highest purpose. As I feel led, I move the game piece part way along the portal path until eventually I am led into the center.

"As I write this, I am at the last portal. I have not yet been led to move the stones into the rejuvenation temples. Perhaps there will be a rest period before starting again through the portals. It seems that each time I finish the four portals, there will be a rest period and then the game will begin again. Like a spiral, the next time I play the game, I will be in a different place inside of me so the journey through the portal will be different.

"Symbalas focus intentions, both conscious and super conscious ones. Lahrindaís work partners with my guidance to move me to the next evolutionary step on this magnificent journey of awakening."

Arlene Arnold
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