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Symbala of the Month: November 2003

Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown's Symbala

"When I first looked at my Symbala, I immediately felt a surge of strong energy pouring into my feet and surging up my legs. It was a glowing and warm energy...my sense is that it felt GOLDEN. I was totally comfortable with the energy and felt blessed that the Symbala was bringing it to me. Aside from the beauty of my Symbala, the energy coming from it is very strong, yet gentle.

"I have had my Symbala for almost a week now. I have noticed that all I need to do is THINK about it and the energy surges through my body. The first day it traveled up my legs; the next day it traveled through my torso and the third day filled my entire body. It is a wonderful meditation tool and I am enjoying also having the card size to keep next to my bed. I am meditating on it before bed and my dream state has been much more active. I feel like it is working with me dimensionally. I believe that as time goes on I will discover even more ways to use it."

Nancy Brown