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Symbala of the Month: April 2018

Terry Bates

Terry Bates' Symbala

"First let me say, in my experience, that each Symbala has been an amazing snapshot in time for the thoughts and energies I was going through. I met Lahrinda near the beginning of my energetic journey and over the years with each Symbala Renewal I would be drawn into the shapes, color, energy and reflect on what was being shown to me. My first Symbala had a Sun-like structure in the center with plumes going off in different directions and a strong Mercury influence (2003). The following year the center had cooled with the surrounding designs in warm colors with a deep multi-layered structure and sense of harmony. Four months later a Symbala appeared with a beautiful flower like design in the center laying on a small green field with soft Sun energy springing up around the green field. The Mercury energy came back stronger with more clarity and a feeling of purpose. I am amazed at how different each Symbala has been and what they have shown me. This latest Symbala is by far the most complex with a message just as important as those in the past. There is so much intricate detail that I have used a magnifying class to get a closer look at some of the designs and found energies I, at first, didn't consciously realize were there. Unfortunately, the web blurs the Symbala and does not reflect the true definition and design that was created. The center design is easy to focus on and follow into it's celestial depths while at the same time there are universal, cosmic and other energies. Mercury once again shows up, this time with a warmer more heartfelt energy.

Thank-you, Lahrinda, for a wonderful Symbala!


Specialty, "Clearing Work"
Contact through: Harmonydistribution@earthlink.net