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What is a Symbala?

October 1st, 2009


Resonating with symmetry and color, a Symbala is a mandala or magic form representing wholeness or unity. Each one is created from an intuitive integration of Symbols, Golden Proportion Geometry, Numbers and Color inspired by the energies of an individual, an event, a concept or an attuning intention. Read more about this energy interconnection and the transformation possibilities evoked. Here is more about Golden Proportion Geometry and Symbalas, as well.

I have been evolving this attuning art form since 1993. I draw with a mouse instead of a paintbrush and spend many hours of focused drawing time for each Symbala before the proofing, then the printing. Setting the stage for this creation process involves calling in my ‘Creative Vortex Committee’ for guidance and then beginning with intention and childlike joy – the joy of embarking on a new adventure and of doing what I love. The results are compelling and do not require an interpretation to be appreciated.

Connection with a Symbala takes place on a feeling level, beyond thought and words. When your attention focuses on a Symbala, you are no longer restricted to the habits of left-brain analysis and logic. Art belongs to the right brain ‚Äď the world of shapes, colors, overviews and intuition — you can use it to tap into your innate knowingness. And that knowingness can instantly find new ideas, new understandings and powerful insights. It is the gateway to all possibility; a vibrational portal to other dimensions.

My path is to create focal point lenses (Symbalas) to stimulate and facilitate co-creative processes – attuning, manifesting, transformation, etc. In addition, use them as focal points for contemplation and meditation bringing relaxation, balance and centering. They work equally well as an uplifting piece of art in your surroundings, fulfilling Feng Shui recommendations of the value of art in the environment reflecting and inspiring the owner.

For those interested in the evolution and impact of Sacred Geometry, I recommend this informative youtube presentation.

There are 2 ways to get Symbalas now.

  • There is the Symbala Prints Store on this website reached through the navigation bar above or the many ‘order bars’ throughout the Symbala Galleries.¬† This is where you go to order a Personal Symbala, prints from the Print and Life Path Galleries, a Luminaries Deck and the Symbala Water Imprints.
  • I also offer wonderful new Symbala Products like: ¬†greeting cards, calendars, posters, clocks, decorative boxes, wrapping paper,¬† plaques with easel backs, magnets, medallions, keychains, necklaces and¬†stickers through my store on Zazzle.¬† Zazzle is an online, digital publishing company which hosts a separate Symbala Store for me.¬† They¬†take the orders and payment, then manufacture the product I’ve put in the store¬†and ship it directly to you.¬† Look, Mom, no inventory!¬† I can also build new products if you don’t find what you’re looking for or if you’d like to see your Personal Symbala on one of the products offered.¬† I’m adding to this store all the time.¬† Drop me an email with your request.


Symbalas provide poetry and music for the eyes and a feast for the soul. Each Symbala is a focal point which can uplift and bring balance. The senses are immersed and energy is renewed. The experience can bring insight, transformation and a more conscious, centered and creative life.
(This Symbala was drawn for Yvonne Wolff.)

“A Personal Symbala is such a rare treasure to give to your being. It helps me embrace who I am, my purpose, and the inevitable changes in my life. It is my reflection and my inspiration. Lahrinda‚Äôs work is a gift to humanity, help spread it. Help heal the world.”

In love and light,

Yvonne Wolff