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Coming Together Now

March 11th, 2017



Weeks before I drew this Symbala, I had been playing around with the feeling and meaning of this word in all its forms, cohere, cohesion, coherent, etc. According to the dictionary it is a natural or logical coming together due to the agreement of parts. I love the ‘co-‘ prefix words like cooperation, collaboration, commitment and compassion.

As I was drawing this Symbala, I noticed a feeling of excitement growing as each piece, each layer fit together in such a way that when the last part was drawn and placed in completion, I felt complete, too. As I sat there looking at it, I was at ease with a feeling of harmonious alignment and rightness. Suddenly I realized I was experiencing the true meaning of coherence! For me, personally, these moments are the ‘creative control over my life’s narrative’. And so, I present a new Symbala to you with the desire that you, too, find a coherence in your life’s narrative, one that brings ease and meaning and alignment with the divine creative flow.

With Warm Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

Featured Symbala of the Month, March 2017

March 1st, 2017

Renata Dunkle


Soft grace moving.  Power earned.  Power shared.  Peace from within.  Mermaid’s diving into love foam.  Smile making, dance skipping, joyful presence.
These are some of my thoughts on my wonderful Symbala Renewal just prior to my birthday.

Floating My Love

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Featured Symbala of the Month,March 2017.

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Be Not Afraid

February 12th, 2017

Galactic Guardians

Galactic Guardians

As I stand on the bridge of the star cruiser looking down into the vastness revealed in the circular dimension tank, I smile and take a deep breath.  Seeing the beauties of the cosmos with its spiraling galaxies, shifting clouds of dust, planets and stars in numbers beyond count, stirs a need for deep, even breathing.  I look up from the tank and feel appreciation for the presence of my fellow voyagers.  I feel protected by my inner balance, yet filled with an urgent awareness of adventure for this journey.

Welcome fellow Star Voyagers!  The above vision did not inspire the drawing of this Symbala; rather the Symbala inspired me, as I sat in contemplation, to a new level of participation in the human adventure which is a spiritual unfolding.  Whether standing in awe of a dimension tank on a starship or relaxing in a comfortable chair, we carry the universe within us and the joy of connectedness is ours.  I always close my contemplations with a phrase from the Abraham group of souls, “I allow my well-being in an ever-expanding universe!”

Please click on the title link to read the wonderful thoughts and feelings expressed about this Symbala by my friend and colleague, William Rainen, Spiritual Counselor, w.rainen7@gmail.com.

With Warm, Loving Resonance,  Lahrinda

Featured Symbala of the Month, February 2017

February 1st, 2017

Yvonne Wolff


“A Personal Symbala is such a rare treasure to give to your being.  It helps me embrace who I am, my purpose, and the inevitable changes in my life.  It is my reflection and my inspiration.  Lahrinda’s work is a gift to humanity, help spread it.  Help heal the world.”

In love & light,


See a larger image of Yvonne’s Personal Symbala:
Featured Symbala of the Month, February 2017.

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