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March 24th, 2010

Cooperation, not competition!  That’s the direction so many of us are taking these days.  Walking the path of self-empowerment and being the source for the world we create demands the kind of awareness that leads to this choice.

In keeping with that spirit, I’d like to introduce you to another website all about mandalas.  One day while exploring some of the beautiful mandala products on Zazzle; I discovered Lois Eiler’s store and, subsequently, her home website called Mandala Colors.  In turn, she discovered my Zazzle store and asked if she could feature me and my work in an article on her website.

I was more than happy and appreciative of her request and gave her the ‘thumbs-up’.  She created an amazing and very professional article about Symbalas.  Please take a look at her website and the article she produced and enjoy. Mandala Colors.

Thank you, Lois, and the wonderful work you do!

In Loving Resonance,

A Vision for the New Year, 2010

December 31st, 2009


We are starting the New Year with some powerful astrological configurations.  I have a background in astrology, but am not a practicing astrologer.  I am a symbolist working from the level of vibration and resonance.  However, having a sun in Capricorn makes it hard to miss all the energies coming this way in that sign. 

Today heralds the New Year with a Lunar eclipse (Moon in Cancer opposite Sun in Capricorn, both squaring Saturn for good measure).  Looking at this configuration from my perspective reveals a beautiful isosceles triangle with a baseline of the parenting axis (Cancer – Capricorn and the Moon – Sun or the mother – father archetypes).  The peak of the triangle is anchored in the Saturnian realm of our perception of reality, which leads us to ask a serious question.  Are we parenting ourselves?  Are we truly integrating the mother/father axis and embracing ourselves and our view of others with a connected wholeness?  Are we releasing old stereotypes?  Are we able to see with the large golden eyes of a 10 foot tall, blue ‘Avatar’?  By the way, I recommend that movie from the depths of my being!

Let’s talk a bit more about this powerful triangle which is introducing our New Year, 2010, a ‘3’ year!  A triangle is the first form possible in geometry and embodies the creative principle.  So the question now becomes:  are we living our lives from a place of wholeness, immersed in the creativity of doing what we love and knowing that our passion is the key to universal resonance?  A powerful thought for a powerful New Year!  Speaking for myself, I say ‘YES’!  And I wish you a spiraling Symbala and Happy New Year!

In Loving Resonance,


Thanksgiving Boat Races!

December 7th, 2009


Busy season for sharing warmth with friends and family.  I shared Thanksgiving with my daughter and her husband.  That is not so unusual, but what was unusual was what we did before the big feast.

They had purchased 3 toy boats, 3 action figures, 3 rubber frogs and 3 rubber ducks and let it be known that we were going to have races! 

The night before the race we all decorated our boats with the stickers purchased for that purpose.  We also placed the action figures in the boats, which was a challenge since they weren’t made for that.  The purple boat was mine, the blue was Melea’s and the red belonged to Michael.

Boat Show


The next day after the turkey was in the oven we took our boats down to the course which Michael had laid out.  They have a seasonal slough that runs under their long and winding driveway.  He had laid boards over the creek so we could stand on them together and launch at the same time.  He also had a starting bar under the water and one at the finish, too.  He even had a stop-watch for time trials!  I couldn’t believe how much thought, effort and imagination they had put into it.  I couldn’t take a picture of all of us launching our boats at the same time so here I am just after launching my boat for the time trials.

Lahrinda Launches her Boat


Here come the boats, racing to the finish with Michael and Melea waiting and Yogi watching over them on the left.

Finish Line


We also raced the frogs and the little Christmas decorated rubber ducks.  We had some initial difficulties convincing Yogi not to jump in after them!

Canine Spectator 

Canine Spectator

The whole thing was a riot of fun and laughter.  And later, back in the house full of delightful cooking aromas, I had one more surprise.  Melea and I didn’t know that Michael hid himself in the laundry room and spent more creative time to add to the celebration.  Here’s what he made from materials at hand.  These were mine and that’s Frank in the background.

Time for Awards!


They were only can lids and paper, but I couldn’t have been more pleased when I was presented with my awards, including 2 firsts.  And then it was time for the feast!

The Creativity Turns Yummy!


 All in all, it was one of the most delicious, fun and creative Thanksgivings we had ever shared.  Staying in the present in the creative flow is one of the foundations of my life and it’s so joyful to see those you love doing the same.  Let’s all enjoy the holidays remembering to keep a childlike perspective.

In Loving Warmth and Resonance,


SYMBALAS: Expanding the Focus

October 15th, 2009

First of all, when I start to draw a Symbala (any Symbala) I set the stage with the energy of my intention to create a mandala imbued with love and the interconnectedness of all things.  That’s where the power of the Golden Proportion (or PHI) comes in.  I work with that proportion in all my Symbalas.  The golden thread of PHI is a spiral frequency growing infinitely larger and smaller and transcending all dimensions to give coherence and total interconnection to all vibrational realities.
So while you are contemplating a Symbala, you are literally training your perceptions to an awareness of simultaneous dimensional reality or being totally in the NOW.
There are 3 main ways to work with these tools (and keep in mind these are TOOLS for focusing your attention and intention, the power of creation is within you, not something outside).
The first way is through contemplation or meditation, as described above.  When you view a Symbala, try soft-focusing your eyes.  Also, experiment with them in different levels of light and from varying distances and angles.  They are definite shape-shifters which increases your awareness of simultaneous dimensions.
The second way is with specific intention for a process, say working with an imbalance in your body or health,  or for someone else (with their permission).  This can be done by placing the Symbala directly on the body or from a distance (energy and intention know no boundaries).  The Symbala Water Imprints, the small size sold in sets of 8, are particularly useful for this type of work because they were published on special paper using special inks so they are waterproof and very flexible.  Regular Symbala prints are more fragile and need to be protected from water, constant direct sunlight and bending.  Remember, they are not magic, they are focusing tools for the magic within.
The third way has to do with the energy available through them because of the combined forces of intention, the Golden Proportion, the colors and the symbolic circular symmetry.  Therefore, they can be used in your environment for inspiration and beautification, but remember, they are never passive, they have a frequency impact.
I hope this has been helpful for your expanded use and appreciation of your Symbala tools.

In Loving Resonance,  Lahrinda

(This is an excerpt from an email I recently sent in response to some questions about using the Symbalas.  Thought it was worth sharing with you all.)

Welcome to the World of Symbalas!
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Your journey now begins with a brief introduction –
What is a Symbala?

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