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Thought Spirals and Newest Symbala

May 21st, 2011

How has your May been going? In Seattle, our Spring has been very cool and very wet. I’m grateful for both, but when the sun does peek through, it truly gladdens my heart.

Then there’s the electromagnetic climate… The shifts, like the weather, are having noticeable impact. My website has been playing peek-a-boo back and forth between the April and May blog versions because of a server shift and my email has been equally challenging. If you’re able to see this new posting, congratulations! Your connection is great.

When I saw that I had the current version this morning, like catching the big wave, I decided to surf in a new entry. Here is the newest Symbala creation, which you can find in the ‘Abraham-Hicks’ sub-gallery of the Print Gallery.

Alignment: the Art of Allowing

So, the good news is, despite certain technical glitches, the inspiration and Symbala creation energies continue to flow. If anything, that process, like so many things, has speeded up.

In addition, I have added this beautiful Symbala to my Zazzle Store and now you can enjoy it as a greeting card, medallion to wear, round and square stickers and a magnet.  Enjoy this new Abraham inspired Symbala and know that the next one is already in the making.

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

Greetings on the 10-10-10!

October 10th, 2010

My thoughts for the day in the form of a Symbala.

Today inspired me to create a Symbala reflecting the energies of the 10-10-10.  Actually the date adds up to a ‘5’ because we can’t forget to add in the year.  The stimulation for me as an artist and a symbolist was irresistible.  My destiny card is a ‘10’ and tens have the quality of stillness in motion,  taking the living process to a transformed level of sensory awareness.  Fives have an adapting action quality of freedom relating to human expression and symbolizing the flowering or ‘quintessence’ of life.

The Symbala burst forth with the feelings of growth, movement and change.  Feel familiar to anyone?  Take heart and relax because all this energy is balanced by the symmetry and integration emerging from the Golden Proportional structure:  as in the Symbala, so, too, in the universes.

Have a 10 star day!  With Loving Resonance,


Summer News

August 21st, 2010

Thought Spirals

It’s summertime!  But the cardinal energies are feeling anything but laid-back!  In keeping with the outward flow I have added some new things to the website.

First, speaking of the planetary energies, if you’d like to see where they are (astrologically speaking) at a glance and in the moment just take a look on the left side-bar and down a bit.  This is courtesy of Astro Dienst.

I’ve also added a few remarkable videos on two fascinating topics.  The one most dear to my heart can be found on the Symbala Water Imprint Intro page.  All about WATER, it is inspiring and informative on so many levels.

The other video is in 2 parts and is about CROP CIRCLES, reflecting one of my favorite subjects, dimensional geometry.  I’m not in alignment with everything in the video, but the visuals are stunning!

Lastly, but definitely not the least, I had a strong inner guidance that it was time for a Personal Symbala Renewal for myself.  You can see it at the top right of my header for ‘The Symbala World of Lahrinda Eileen’.  The timing was perfect, in synchronicity with something I received by email the next day from a friend, which I’m calling the ‘Dragonfly Metaphor’, followed closely by another email referring me to a video continuing the dragonfly thread!  To read about it, view the video and see the larger version of this Symbala, click here.

Here is a picture of love and creativity that I wanted to share, too.  The love between my daughter and her dog, Yogi, is special and her husband built a customized Yogi platform on the back of her 4-wheeler so he didn’t have to be left home when they went riding and enjoying the summer.  Worked out great!  Enjoy your moments!

Loving Resonance,

Allow Well-Being

May 29th, 2010

This has been a challenging year so far, for me and many I’ve talked with.  So it set me to thinking about happiness.  I tend to be on the serious side, but consider myself to be a mostly happy person.  But lately, not so much.  So I asked myself:  ‘When was the last time I felt truly happy?’

The answer came quickly.  A few weeks ago I took a short trip down to the Oregon Coast for a visit with my older sister and her husband, who live at the south end of Lincoln City close to the Siletz Bay.

This is their wonderful home.

All the windows and a back porch face a small river behind the house.


I’m always happy when I’m here, but there’s a particular time on this latest trip I wanted to share. 

I arrived on a Monday in the midst of a huge rainstorm.  Soon after I arrived, we went out to dinner at a restaurant that sits right above the ‘D’ River where it runs into the ocean.  I sat there looking at the ocean through a gray veil of rain.  However, I had a huge smile on my face!

That night I was in bed reading (in the guest apartment over the garage), and the storm really let loose.  The rain pounded and the wind threatened to carry the roof away!  I finally got to sleep and awakened to the gray light of a cloudy early morning.  But it wasn’t raining and the wind was still.

I jumped into my clothes and was down on the beach (a few blocks away) before 7:00 AM.  Even when it’s cloudy or wet the Siletz channel running into the ocean is dramatically beautiful.  And it certainly was that morning.  I took a deep breath and filled all my senses with the ocean magic.  I watched the seals swimming for a while and then headed for the rock beds while the tide was low.


Now we come to it – the moment of epiphany, when I realized I was completely and utterly happy in my favorite place, doing one of my favorite things as I bent down and picked up that first shining agate! (The yellowish stone in the left center of this picture.)


When one of those times comes together for you, there’s no other way to describe it than pure bliss!  Of course, each of us will find that bliss in their own special time and circumstance, but treasure it and repeat as often as possible or, as Abraham Hicks would say, ‘it’s how to allow well-being’!

In Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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