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Introducing New Symbala for June, 2022

June 10th, 2022


Many, many things are questioned in the march of evolution and change. Personal truth is surely challenged by the widespread divisions and outpouring of lies and misinformation that emerges. Where do we find truth, comfort and peace?

Inner peace with connection to Source is the answer. However, it can be elusive, too. As we create our own reality, two powerful forces are striving to bring forth our desires – the Heart and the Mind. Recognizing the value of heartful cooperation over ego-driven competition brings the best long-term results for one’s self as well as the community/world as a whole. But the key, as in everything, is to find a personal balance of these two.

Feel the comfort in this new Symbala that showcases the easeful, bridging connections of its parts. The center pulls it together with one of the most balanced figures in Sacred Geometry, the star tetrahedron. This is the expression of a peaceful, loving world/universe. Enjoy!

With Balanced, Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

See more text and a larger image of the Symbala, ‘Heart-Mind’.

Introducing New Symbala for May, 2022

May 11th, 2022

Bloom of Creating

On low energy days I remember that we are all creators, gifted with the divine spark of imagination and I get busy doing what I love. Any time we exercise our skills as unique creators we are participating in the flow of why we came forth. Whether we are deepening our bond with a child or a pet; planting a garden for beauty or future deliciousness; planning a party; making someone smile with a joke; dancing, singing, painting or me drawing a Symbala, we feel a bloom of energy reminding self – we are the CREATORS! This is how we make our world better with love and joy, pebble in the pond, raising the frequencies minute by minute.

So pull that energy through and thrill to the: ‘Bloom of Creating’!

With Loving, Blooming Resonance, Lahrinda

See more text and a larger image of the Symbala, ‘Bloom of Creating’.

Introducing New Symbala for April, 2022

April 8th, 2022

The Awakening

Spring is a perfect time to talk about Awakening. It is happening everywhere around us – bursting forth from seeds and bulbs!

It is also happening within each of us. There are so many levels of consciousness, just ask an anesthetist. Most of us believe that when our eyes are open and seeing, we are fully awake. However, many things can fog our awareness – drugs, alcohol, noise in our environment and, perhaps most importantly, noise in our minds.

In nature the process of birth is what the sign of Aries is all about. Great strength, determination and courage are required for new life to come forth. The birth of a new awareness has similar challenges. It requires intention and purpose, but it also requires balance, surrender and inner peace.

This Symbala is a frequency tribute to this amazing alpha-omega (9) process of ‘The Awakening’.

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

See more text and a larger image of the Symbala, ‘The Awakening’.

Introducing New Symbala for March, 2022

March 10th, 2022


What is Freedom to you? To me Freedom is about choice on many levels of our lives. Sometimes we don’t think about it or feel it until we’ve lost it. We all need to be aware, not fearful, in these times. Support our Constitutional Freedoms and those who do, but find peace and freedom within. Remember in our souls we are always free!

I lovingly dedicate this new Symbala to my friend, Madeline, who suggested its timely importance. Feel it, enjoy!

With Freedom-Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

See more text and a larger image of the Symbala, ‘Freedom’.

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