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Featured Symbala of the Month, September 2019

September 12th, 2019


I recently introduced the ‘Infuse’ Symbala which carried an essentially outgoing flow. I realized there was a companion Symbala needed, which I have drawn, to complete the process resulting in an ‘Infusion’.

The verb/noun structure communicates a wholeness. Likewise, ‘Infuse’ and ‘Infusion’ together carry the energy of a completed process.

‘Infuse’ is a verb describing the action or process of causing a medium (like water or a feeling) to be permeated with something else that alters it, usually for the better. ‘Infusion’ is a noun describing the resulting solution or state of being from this process. Infusions have been used as therapeutic tools for centuries as with: aromatherapy, essential oils and homeopathies.

Both Symbalas are structured similarly using an ‘8’ foundation for infinite holding and manifesting of form. The ‘Infuse’ Symbala expresses the strong directional energy of creating, while the ‘Infusion’ Symbala reflects an active solution that holds by retaining an up, down and spiraling energy within a ring of octagonal mandalas.

Since they are drawn with Sacred Geometry, the Golden Proportion and intention for the highest good, one of the important qualities of Symbalas is the broadcasting of increased frequencies. When we seek balance, awareness and transformation, we are raising our vibratory state to resonate with those states of being. It’s a short step to realize why I intend the Symbalas as therapeutic tools toward our inner and outer well-being.

With Warm, Loving Resonance,

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