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Thought Spirals about 11-11-11

November 6th, 2011

There is much being written and recommended about the significance of the date 11-11-11. My work is not with words, but with the art of geometry, color and symmetry for vibrational upliftment. I know firsthand the power of number, an integral aspect of the Symbala work. Elevens take us off the comfortable, well-trodden way and open us to visions of new understanding and possibilities.

For those of you who like the words, I offer this excerpt from ‘Selacia’s Council of 12 Message’ for consideration.

“The 11/11 on 2011 is like a magnification of the illumination effect that has been under way for some time. It therefore is a gateway – an opportunity for you to join with others across the planet to focus on love and light-filled ways of being.

“Doing so on 11/11 and on other dates like solstice will allow you powerful opportunities to shine your light – in ways that can catapult you and humanity into a more loving configuration. Each time you focus your energies in this way you are contributing significantly to the shift in consciousness.”

For those of you who appreciate or prefer working with a visual expression of these energies, I offer my vision of the 11-11-11 as a Symbala for contemplation and focus.


Enjoy!  With Loving Resonance,  Lahrinda