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The Heart of Japan

March 14th, 2011
For My Friends in Japan and Everywhere,
Words are not enough to let you know the heartache I feel for you and all the people of Japan suffering through¬†the recent¬†devastation.¬† Since the summer of 2007 when my friend, Mr. William Rainen, introduced me to his friend, Mr. Yoshihiko Ito, I have enjoyed a wonderful, heartfelt connection with Japan.¬† It has been my pleasure and privilege to share the Symbala work with you and hundreds of Symbalas have found their way to the ‘rising sun’ since that magical beginning.
I became evcn more aware of our deep connection when I spent many hours watching the television bring your disasters so vividly to the world’s attention.¬† My ache was very personal and I grieve for your pain and loss.¬† Since words fail me, I spent the time co-creating a Symbala with you and I dedicate it to the great spirit of the Japanese people.¬† I am calling it ‘The Heart of Japan’ with my love, appreciation¬†and admiration.¬† May it bring you solace as you rebuild and go forward with new hopes and dreams.
With Loving Resonance,

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Comment by Arlene Arnold
2011-03-17 07:58:01

This is such a beautiful tribute to the people of Japan. Such an inspiration to their inner beauty.

Comment by Peggy Smith
2011-03-18 09:26:57

Each time you create the Universe smiles….beautiful!

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