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A Vision for the New Year, 2010

December 31st, 2009


We are starting the New Year with some powerful astrological configurations.  I have a background in astrology, but am not a practicing astrologer.  I am a symbolist working from the level of vibration and resonance.  However, having a sun in Capricorn makes it hard to miss all the energies coming this way in that sign. 

Today heralds the New Year with a Lunar eclipse (Moon in Cancer opposite Sun in Capricorn, both squaring Saturn for good measure).¬† Looking at this configuration from my perspective reveals a beautiful isosceles triangle with a baseline of the parenting axis (Cancer – Capricorn and the Moon – Sun or¬†the mother – father archetypes).¬† The peak of the triangle is anchored in the Saturnian realm of our perception of reality, which leads us to ask a serious question.¬† Are we parenting ourselves?¬† Are we truly integrating the mother/father axis and embracing ourselves and our view of others with a connected wholeness?¬† Are we releasing old stereotypes?¬† Are we able to see with the large golden eyes of a 10 foot tall, blue ‘Avatar’?¬† By the way, I recommend that movie from the depths of my being!

Let’s talk a bit more about this powerful triangle which is introducing our New Year, 2010, a ‘3’ year!¬† A triangle is the first form possible in geometry and embodies the creative principle.¬† So the question now becomes:¬† are we living our lives from a place of wholeness, immersed in the creativity of doing what we love and knowing that our passion is the key to universal resonance?¬† A powerful thought for a powerful New Year!¬† Speaking for myself, I say ‘YES’!¬† And I wish you a spiraling Symbala and Happy New Year!

In Loving Resonance,