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Some Thoughts for Winter Solstice

December 21st, 2009


This heart image came from the World Gratitude website.¬† That site also shared some ‘heart’ thoughts which felt wonderful for this important day and time of the year.¬† Here¬†are¬†¬†some ‘heartfelt’ insights from the perspective of quantum physics and dimensional geometry, delivered by my mentor, Dan Winter.

“You create a morphic body of living coherence magnetically and sonically in the Earth. Thereby you create a literal resonance information path to deliver the information from the human heart into the Earth’s grid and back. Sacred architecture would be in the language of biology’s morphic resonance and structural stability.

“This is not just a large galactic mouthful to swallow from a little data set which says human feelings shape the Earth’s field. This is what we all intuitively know in our own deeper heart. It is time to listen to the voice of our deep feelings from the heart. Learning

to self-manage our thoughts and emotions is automatically

“Earth grid engineering” and is not just saving the Earth; it is preserving our memory of the principle for making a collective and whole body, so that the planet Earth can take its true place in the universe, a planet of love and light.”

~ Dan Winter