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Personal Symbala Dialogues

October 27th, 2009

I’m pleased to present a new service¬†which offers added depth to the Personal Symbala experience.¬† Many people have expressed the desire to have some kind of interpretation along with their unique Personal Symbala.¬† This is now¬†available for the first time in the form of guided dialogues with either one of my associates, Arlene Arnold¬†or Peggy Smith.¬† They are eminently qualified, both as longtime counselors/therapists and women with awareness and appreciation of the value of Symbalas as a tool for inner growth.

Here is a link to this new page on the website: Personal Symbala Dialogues.  There is also a link to this new page from the Personal Symbala Gallery.  Another good reason to invest in yourself with a Personal Symbala!

In Loving Resonance,