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New Home for Me, Too!

October 4th, 2009

Recently, my life has been full of change and transformations.  I have been challenged to live my principles time and again.  Each time I do that, scary as it feels, the outcome always feels expanding and in resonance with my essential self.         

I was living in a happy and comfortable environment for over 5 years, not ideal, but very cozy and affordable.  My landlady, Bettie, became a good friend and supporter of my art over the years.  She turned 94 this spring and her health took a turn for the worse not too long after her birthday.

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When she didn’t spring back after a few months, her¬†daughter decided¬†it was time to install a fulltime caregiver in my top floor sanctuary and I was given my notice on August 3rd.¬† Here was a challenge of the first order!¬† Bettie‚Äôs friendship was irreplaceable, but I had to find a new space for myself, my business and my very large movie collection.¬† I also loved and had to let go of the neighborhood and my feline friend, Pretty Feet (Bettie‚Äôs cat). ¬†¬†Here‚Äôs a picture of her in what used to be a favorite spot ‚Äst the back of my computer chair!


I was in a grieving process of letting go of so many things, near and dear.  But I also realized I had been given a gift, the gift of change which always makes way for new energies and experiences. 

August became a blur of memories, packing and searching.

However, by asking for what I wanted and working with the Law of Attraction a novel idea came to me – it was finally time to stop renting!¬† I narrowed my search to affordable mobile homes and within 2 or 3 days had found just what I was looking for.¬† I knew it was my right place because everything just flowed easily once I made the decision.¬† My friend, Madeline Gerwick, the ‘Good Timing Guide’ lady, was a help in so many ways, not least in her suggestions for good days and times for closings and signings.¬†

Friends volunteered for the moving part and I didn’t even have to rent a truck to move to my new home about 10 miles south in SeaTac (south Seattle area near the airport, but amazingly quiet).¬† It all got done in one day and even before my moving deadline!¬† It’s older and not fancy, but it’s all mine and I love it!¬† Here are some pictures of my ‘White Palace’ (thanks, Teresa).



This is my friend, Michael,¬†in the kitchen before I moved and here’s the kitchen after I moved in.



This is the living room window group that looks over a honeysuckle bush frequented by hummingbirds.  When I saw that I really knew I was in my right place.


There were many perks for me personally about my new place.¬† The joys of my own roomy laundry room, a regular kitchen with a full size refrigerator, stove top and oven, lots of built-in book shelves, plenty of extra storage, a covered carport and mail delivered right to my door!¬† Ah, it’s the little things that add up to a happy home.

With Loving Resonance,  Lahrinda