What is a Symbala? The Symbala World of Lahrinda Eileen Lahrinda's Personal Symbala


October 2nd, 2009

We have so many reasons to be happy! I believe in HAPPINESS and rather than listening to news and other fear-based conduits I focus my attention on manifesting more personal joy which always spreads. Did you know that it has now been proven scientifically that HAPPINESS IS CONTAGIOUS? One of the ways I have to spread this joy is by creating Symbalas!

Now more than ever is the time to remember that we are the center of our manifested world and we fill it with the focus of our attention, our beliefs and our imagination. And it is all right NOW, not in the future or the past. Take a break from the news. Put your attention on a Symbala and relax, shift and reconnect with All That Is.

For a better understanding of what’s going on with Symbalas, take a look at the Symbala Manual. Allan Harris did a splendid job of researching, interviewing, organizing and writing this manual. I contributed, but he did the lion’s share. The manual is intended as a reference: where did Symbalas come from and some inspiration and suggestions for their use. This manual can be printed out for your use and/or sent to a friend. It’s very versatile!

This time period is showing many of us quite clearly that the old ways/paradigms aren’t working any more – at least, not in a satisfying, joyful manner. Many of us feel as if we’re straddling at least two worlds and the feeling is distinctly unsettling. Seeing through different lenses is critical. Our vocabulary sets the stage for building new paradigms. To release concepts that don’t fit our intentions, let go of words that don’t resonate.¬† I¬†have gone¬†through the whole website making such changes to reflect my own ‘attituning’. When necessary, create new words to carry your intentions. It’s great fun!¬† Also, one of the main purposes of a Symbala is to be a focal point lens for intention. Supported by the universal structure of the Golden Proportion, contemplation of a Symbala allows you to attune to new harmonies.

With Loving Resonance,

Lahrinda Eileen